22 years

Paris - Lyon


Kabyle - native

Quadrilingual - French, arabic & english


Programming languages : C++, Scala, Python, Java, Javascript, Typescript, C, PHP

Frameworks : NodeJS, Angular, React, EJS, SharePoint Framework, NextJS

Developments : Desktop (Java Swing), Web, Mobile (Java), Data Visualization (python-matplotlib, scala-smile, highcharts.js), web scrapping (BeautifulSoup, Cheerio, Puppeteer)

Networking : IP configuration, DNS, DHCP, networking protocols

Infrastructure : SharePoint Administrator, PowerShell, Windows Server, SQL Server, Bash, system programming (C), KVM (Kernel Virtual Machines) with QEMU Linux, VFIO passthrough

Web Scrapping : BeautifulSoup, Cheerio, puppeteer

Other : Functional programming, MS Office, Premiere Pro video editing, Lightroom, Git

Hobies & interests

Daily Street Workout / Calisthenics / Jump rope

High tech / Travel

About me

Curious, motivated and passionate about IT engineering in general, I spend my free time in developing new projects and learning new technologies about software development, networking, system engineering and even AI.


2020 - 2023

Computer science engineering degree

Institut National des sciences appliquées - INSA Lyon

2018 - 2020

DUT Informatique degree

IUT De Villetaneuse - Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

2017 - 2018

Mathematics & computer science Licence - 1st year

Université des Sciences et Technologies Haouari Boumedienne - Algeria


Mathematics baccalaureate degree

Laadlani Amar High school - Algeria

Professional experiences

2020 - 2023

Full Stack Microsoft developer - Apprenticeship

SharePoint administrator, SharePoint solutions development, Office 365, SPFX WebParts development, Active Directory DS, SQL Server, Networking
React, C#, TypeScript, PowerShell

2019 - 2020

Desktop applications developer - Apprenticeship

MS Excel & Word automation using VBA, Javascript API for conformity tests automation, .NET MS Office complements (VSTO) NodeJs, VBA, JavaScript, .NET

2019 - 2020

24h des DUT Informatique

A computer science competition that had 3 tests of each hours each : programming, web development and cyber security

Personal projects


Kernel virtual machine (KVM) MacOS installation on windows machine

MacOS installation in any PC using hypervisor of type 1 to maximize performances. This installation includes GPU acceleration and IOMMU groups passthrough
QEMU, IOMMU groups, VFIO passthrough


My personal web site (Blog / portfolio)

Developed from scratch in my free time using NodeJS for backend, EJS for templating and JQuery for some animations.
JavaScript, NodeJS, JQuery, EJS, SCSS


Iterative deepening A star algorithm - School project

Iterative deepening A star algorithm implemented on blocks world problem


Machine learning K-Means algorithm - school project

Machine learning K-means algorithm made in Scala : Development, implementation, visualization
Scala - Smile-Scala - Java Swing


Machine learning linear regression

Autodidact project : Development, implementation and visualization
Python, Matplotlib