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Who am I ?

23 yo
France (Paris - Lyon)

My name is Yanis MANSOUR. Curious, motivated and passionate about IT engineering, I wanted to create this blog to share my thoughts on computer science and my personal projects

IT engineering in general is a fascinating science for me. I like everything about it, from coding to low level architecture, including networking, AI and machine learning.

I'm currently an IT engineering student at INSA Lyon. Beside my studies, I am also an apprenticeship student, which means that I study a few weeks and work for a company for a few other weeks

Next to that, I'm also a daily practitioner of street workout (calisthenics), I always follow last high tech releases and I love traveling

Servers & infrastructure

Coding & AI

Computer architecture


My professional experiences

Microsoft Full Stack developer

I currently work for BSD as a Microsoft Full Stack developer. In there, I do a lot of things like software development, infrastructure installation, server configuration ... etc. I especially work on Microsoft technologies like SharePoint and Office 365.

2020 - Today

Desktop applications developer

I worked for CSTB as a Desktop applications developer. I was part of a thermal tests laboratory team, as the only developer. I worked on developing automation tools in Javascript and VBA. It was very demanding in autonomy and team work at the same time

2019 - 2020

Latest projects

Google Page Rank algorithm

Page Rank is the algorithm used by Google to evaluate pages on the web based on the logic "A page is important if important pages reference it". This algorithm determines the order of pages in a search result. It is based on Markov Chains.

blocks world

IDA* (star) - Blocks world

Iterative Deepening A Star algorithm applied to blocks world problem, to find the shortest path possible to the solution.

blocks world

K-means Scala

K-Means is a machine learning classification algorithm. It consists on classifying data into k clusters, based on a similarity parameter.

blocks world




Software engineering enthusiast.
Full stack Microsoft developer