About me

You don't need to be great to start.
You need to start to be great

I am a computer science engineering student

Hey ! My name is Yanis MANSOUR, I'm from Algeria and I live in France (Paris - Lyon).

I came to france at the age of 18 to pursue my studies. Currently, after 2 years of computer science DUT, I am a computer science engineering student at INSA Lyon

Passionate about a lot of things

An important information about me is that I am passionate about so many things. I like to try new concepts.

A computer engineering enthusiast but not only

I have so many passions. The one I am going to talk about in this blog is computer science. I've been passionate of this from an early age. I started with broad things like reinstalling the operating system of my 2000's computer.

Then, I wanted to go further and learn more and more about computers. So, I chose computer science in the university.

Another passion : street workout & calisthenics

I am a daily practitioner of street workout and calisthenics. It allow me to feel better and to find a moment with myself and to have a moment with myself


Where to find me ?



Software engineering enthusiast.
Full stack Microsoft developer