Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. I am happy to finally publish my blog and be able to show you my work.

You are now reading my very first article.

Why did I create this blog

First of all, it is because I love sharing with people. Especially when it is about IT and computer engineering.

In fact, I have been passionate about computer science since my very early age. When I was a child, whenever I used a compuer, I always wondered :"How did they make this software", "I really wish I could make it myself" ... etc

Today, I am here, a computer science engineering student at INSA Lyon, who loves sharing his ideas with people.

What will be the content of this blog ?

In this blog, I intend to talk about many different topics in computer science in general. I will write about development, networking, operating systems, virtualization ... etc.

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Where to find me ?

Please visit my About page to find more about my social media